Home Fashion Blackout Curtains For Living Room And Kids Room Patio Door Decor

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Byetee Modern Blackout Curtains for Living Room Curtains for Bedroom Customize Finished Cortinas Kitchen Curtain Drapes
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    Home Fashion Blackout Curtains For Living Room And Kids Room Patio Door Decor

1, Price is for 1 piece of tulle curtain (or thick curtain).

For example, if your window width is 150cm, you need order 2 pieces W150.If you want same as photo, please order 2 pieces thick curtain and 2 pieces tulle curtain.


2. Curtain width = 2 times width of the curtain pole/track.(View How to Measure Below)


3. Height:2.7meters or less than 2.7meters.

For example, if you want 1 piece W250xH220. You order 1 piece W250 and leave a message--I want 1 piece W250xH220cm.


4. Customize size: Accepted.


5, Processing: If you choose the style 2 or 3, we add hooks free.




Color No.1 : Grey








Color No.2 : Beige








Color No.3 : Black








Color No.4 : White Tulle



Window Curtains width=2xA(Twice of the Pole or Track width)


Window Curtains Length=B/C/D( Up to you)




1.Measure your track or pole(A)


2. Calculate your curtain width : Pole or track width ( Ax2 )


For a whole window, two panels are better


Length ( Height):


1.Decide where your curtains will end


  (B) Sill length:End 1.25cm(1/2'') above the windowsill


 (C) Below Sill:End 15cm(6'') below the windowsill


 (D) Floor length:End 1.25cm(1/2'') above the floor


2.Measure the drop


Track: Measure from the end of the track to your chosen end point.


Pole:Measure from the top of the pole to your chosen end point.




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